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Educator's Consult

Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers for success!


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Consultation & Guidance

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What sets us apart?


We focus on your success!

Educator’s Consult is not a recruitment agency. We are an independent service operated by fully accredited professionals who have helped  guide teachers to teach in the United States. 

Educator’s Consult’s mission is to help international teachers prepare to pass the CBEST & CSET Exams, and provide aid as consultants in the transfer and relocation process to the United States to take on a rewarding teaching career!

Our first-hand knowledge of the process can help guide you and answer all the questions you may have.

If you succeed, we succeed!

We are accessible worldwide

We cater to international, aspiring, teachers who have completed their educational requirements, as well as those who are on their path to becoming teachers and will be seeking employment in the United States. 

Consequently, we also help teachers who may not have all their required certifications met. We connect them with agencies that provide fast-tracked courses for a speedy credentialing process. 

We help you along the way

Our primary mission is to help all aspiring teachers gain employment in the United States. Our professional consultants help advice and guide you through the credentialing process, immigration, resettlement, and civic engagement. 

Pass the CBEST or CSET tests!

We believe in the power of group and guided study. We provide several options to help you pass the CBEST or CCET exams We help you study, practice, council and achieve a passing grade the first time! Our experts have passed the exams themselves, so you’ll know you’ll be in good hands.
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Why Choose Educator's Consult

Our professionals are dedicated to helping teachers from all over the world teach wherever they seem to be fit. We help our teachers with all the intricacies and essential information that they need to undertake including the immigration process, financial consultation, basic amenities and necessities of living in the United States, such as obtaining a driver’s license and establishing financial credit. 

Teach nationwide!

Learn the necessary principles of basic education and the necessary skills to pass any of the Basic Skills Exams for all states in the U.S. (where available).  

Core Principles

We believe in the value of teachers, no matter where they come from. We believe that teachers are invaluable to all education and the future of our youth.  Our program focuses on helping teachers from all over the world relocate and teach in the United States. 

Educator's Consult

Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers for success!

Still have questions?

We’re here to help. Speak with one of our professional consultants today and get started on your career in American education! 

Relocation Assistance

  • Relocation Assistance: We provide assistance with relocating and finding a home or apartment.
  • Immigration Paperwork:
    We also help you prepare and consult your immigration preparation paperwork.
  • Driver’s License Assistance:
    Additionally, we help you find reliable transportation by helping you obtain your driver’s license.
  • Establishing Credit:
    we also help prepare you for establishing credit as well as applying for auto loans.
  • Educational Assistance: We help you make sure all your credentials are valid and accepted.